The Paragon

The Paragon

Design Overview

The Paragon is a compact and cost-effective design that is well-planned to maximize space and functionality. It features large wardrobes with plenty of storage, providing ample space for clothes and other items. The simple and clean design of the home creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, while the light-filled open living areas create a sense of openness and flexibility.

One unique feature of The Paragon is the large free-flowing living areas, which provide plenty of space for relaxation and entertaining. The bedrooms are good sized and the extra-large ensuite and bathroom provide a luxurious and comfortable experience.

The Paragon also includes designer features and niches, which add to the aesthetic appeal of the home. The large alfresco area located under the main roof allows for comfortable outdoor living and entertaining regardless of the weather conditions.

The Paragon is designed to fit on most small lots, making it an excellent choice for those who want a well-planned and compact home that maximizes space and functionality. Overall, The Paragon is a great option for those who want a stylish and comfortable home with luxurious features and ample storage space.

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Min Lot Width: 10m

Area: 172.63m2

Width: 8.66m

Depth: 21.35m

Ground Floor: 134.68m2

Garage: 22.3m2

Outdoor Retreat: 15.62m2

Preferred Facade
Design Features
  • A compact cost-effective well-planned design
  • Large wardrobes with plenty of storage
  • Simple clean designer home
  • Light filled open living areas
  • Large free flowing living areas
  • Good sized bedrooms
  • Extra-large ensuite and bathroom
  • Designer features & niches
  • Large alfresco under main roof
  • Fits on most small lots

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